We light candles for various reasons, during times when the power off the grid is down, during religious ceremonies, and during celebrations of important events, such as birthdays, weddings, romantic dinner dates etc.

There have been a lot of developments in candle making. From the purely white candles used solely for lighting needs, there are now scented, colored and embellished candles. We call them decorative candles which some people rarely light, if at all, but keep them as decorative items around the house.

The most important thing that happened to candle making is the discovery of new materials. From the very start candles were made primarily from paraffin wax , a by-product of petroleum and gas. This wax is a mixture of hydrocarbons and other substances that can be toxic. These days there are candles made from organic materials, which makes them a lot safer.

One new kinds of candles that is made from organic materials is the soy candles wholesale. It is made, as one can guess, from soy wax, which is processed from soya bean oil. If you have not used a soy candle before, here are some reasons why it is better than a paraffin based candle:

1. It is natural since it is made from a vegetable (soya). It does not contain hydrocarbons which is one of the causes of environmental degradation. It is safer for humans and pets.

2. It lasts 50 per cent a lot longer than ordinary candles. Although it cost more, it is cheaper in the long run. In addition, it melts evenly. There are practically no ugly unburnt wax left in the jar.

3. It leaves practically no soot. If you use a lot of paraffin candles, you will 'notice your furniture, curtains and walls become darker.

4. It gives off a more pleasant and powerful scent that stays longer, unlike a paraffin candle that needs to have scents added to them to make them smell more pleasant.


There other kinds of natural candles from pressure washing Columbia sc like beeswax candles,  but the soy candle is better.  If you are interested in buying soy candles, you can probably buy them in stores near you. If you fail, then you can't fail to find them in the internet. There are many web sites that sell them. You can just browse the items available and order the candles you like. The candles will be delivered to you.